Biomechanical Tattoo ideas

In an effort to build my clientele in Chicago, and to push my tattoo vision, I’ve drawn up a few pieces that I would like to tattoo and am willing to do for next to nothing. I do have some specifications for whom I’ll be accepting for this offer. Mainly, you must live in the Chicago area, and be able to explain why you’d be an ideal candidate to help promote me. Shoot me an email on here or at my website if you’re interested and we can go from there. This will be for a limited time only and on a first come first serve basis. The colored pictures are also for sale in case you’re interested in them but not sure you want to wear them for the rest of your life. They’re 5 by 7 inches, pencil and marker on bristol board.

first is a flower biomech piece, it has more of an organic feel to it. I’ve included the original sketch so you can see the process in developing the idea.

biomech flowerbiomech flower

Next is a golden orb cradeled in some organic textures. Once again I’ve included the original sketch.

biomech orbbiomech drawing

lastly I have so more sketches that haven’t been rendered in color yet, but are still up for grabs.

biomech armbiomech spiral

once again thanks for looking, and I hope to have some tattoo photos of these to show you all soon.

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