Color Studies using a Wacom Tablet

I just picked up a Wacom tablet this week. A couple of the other artists at Skin Abrasions have been messing around with them so I thought I’d try it out as well. It’s an interesting tool to play with, my results with it so far have been mixed between acceptable and mediocre,so obviously there’s a learning curve. But I have a few pieces that I posted last week colored in with it so I’m going to post them for your viewing pleasure.
This little guy came out all right, but I’m having a hard time getting rid of that airbrushed look. On top of learning the subtleties of the tablet, I’m having to get better at photoshop and corel painter as well.


This next one turned out better and was much quicker. Definitely makes a quick color study easier to do.


For this one I took a sketch, repeated it and stretched it to fit on an arm. I want to play around with this sort of thing more because of how helpful it was in laying the design out on the body.


Ok, hopefull ymore to come this week if I have time. I’m going to Orlando on Friday morning for the Immersed in Ink tattoo convention, so things might be a little hectic. As always, thanks for looking.

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