Mural project in Oak Park

Immediately outside of Chicago’s west side is the village of OakPark. It’s where I’ve been tattooing and spending a good portion of my time for the last several years.  One of the nice things about OakPark is it’s investment in the arts.  If you take an afternoon to walk around you’ll see public sculptures, a large handful of Frank Lloyd Wright houses, and a growing number of murals.

A few years ago the village of OakPark started selecting local and nonlocal artists to paint murals along the concrete embankment that the Green line runs on.  This year I submitting a proposal and was accepted as one of the artists.  I’d never done a piece this large before, but I’ve been painting quite a bit this last year and was up for the challenge.  I’m really happy with how it turned out, as was the village.  So much so that they featured my piece in the local paper!   I look forward to doing more projects like this in the future, in OakPark and elsewhere.  I would like to publicly thank the Oak Park Arts council for giving me this opportunity, and for investing in the arts as much as it does.  It really does make my day more fulfilling to be surrounded by art instead of just concrete.  Here’s a couple photos of the finished piece

As always, thanks for reading.  To check out more work and see my more day to day tattoos and sketches, follow me on instagram username Futureteller

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