New Biomech Art

It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up some micron pens and gotten tedious with some stippling. And after finishing these pieces I remember why. But, I think the outcome was worth it. Actually I really like a well rendered pen and ink drawing, and find it to be one of the tougher mediums to work in. With oils or markers or tattooing there’s plenty of tricks you can employ to hide an imperfect line. If you don’t think something turned out just right, you can always layer and tweak until it is. But when the piece is only two tones, black and white, you can only put more black down. Well, unless you’re Pushead and use whiteout, photocopiers, and all sorts of other tricks.
I personally tend to neglect the perfection of my line work in a lot of the work I do, so working in pen is a particular challenge to me at times. And finding interesting ways of creating depth and texture made these pieces a fun, if not a little irritating, challenge.

As far as the subject matter goes, people are always making cracks about the amount of phallic shapes in biomech, which to be fair, I can’t deny. So I figured I’d run with that for fun and am titling this series “Fucking Filthy.” I also wanted to amp up the FutureTeller name I’ve been working with, so I put that in all of it and will probably make some stickers or something with at least the smaller ones. Then I give give them out to be a gross eyesore in every seedy bar around the Chicago area, and beyond!

I’ll hopefully be doing a few more of these for fun. I’d also like to start working on some design work for some more bands. I think the style lends itself well to poster and tshirt art. I’ve done some shirt designs in the past for Two Cow Garage and KPSU as well as a bunch of local groups. I had a pretty good time with it and liked the idea of mass producing some of my images. So any interested parties, shoot me an email.

Here’s the art

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