New Biomechanical and Organic Sketches

As the year comes to an end I’m going to start posting a bunch of the sketches I’ve done that are still looking for homes on skin or for you’re own personal art collection. All drawings are done on Strathmore drawing paper and are either 8 by 10 or 9 by 11. Some of these sketches have been used for tattoos I’ve already done. Out of respect for myself and all my wonderful clients – Please do not replicate these designs! Use them for inspiration, steal a part and tweak it into something new and better, but don’t just copy and paste. If you’re interested in having me tattoo any of these shoot me an email through my site. If it’s one of the pieces I’ve already done then I’ll be happy to design a piece with similar themes and elements to give you a unique custom tattoo.

Here’s a few sleeve ideas
bioorganic sleeve
robotic sleeve
Bio Organic Tattoo

Not quite biomech, but a fun squid monster I’d really like to do
squid tattoo
These next two are already taken as tattoos, but like I said, I can do different versions for anyone that’s totally in love with them.

dandelion tattoo
organic sleeve
And here’s the last couple
biomech chest panel

Thanks for looking! I’ll be in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee working the rest of 2011, so if you’re in any of those cities and want to set up an appointment shoot me a message.


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