New tattoos

Spring usually gets really busy for me, so I haven’t had a whole lot of time to keep up with the computer stuff. Mostly I’ve just been keeping my head down and doing a lot of tattooing at Skin Abrasions. A little traveling, a bit of painting, and as much biking around Chicago as I have time for (not much.) We were lucky enough to have Jeff Croci of Seventh Son in San Fransisco come visit us last month, and I got a little tattoo work done from him and Marco. Currently we have Su Houston Visiting us from New York. So like I said, it’s been a busy Spring.
I also just moved apartments, so I haven’t been as active with the paintings as I’ve been getting settled in. I have been getting into gardening and plants a bunch, and if I don’t kill everything I’ve been growing before it matures, I’ll post some cool indoor gardening pictures in the future. For now though, it will just be some tattoos.

Recently did these portraits of Christian’s grandparents.
One of these is a little fresh, and there’s going to be some stuff added to the background, so look for healed photos in the gallery in the future.

Here’s one of them all healed up

Well we’re on portraits, here’s a pretty ridiculous one of Edith Massey’s character from Desperate Living. This is part of a John Waters themed sleeve on a client in San Fransisco. Annnd it’s pretty awsome. Devine, of course, takes up most of the forearm.
Edith Massey tattoo
Here’s a sleeve I started t the Chicago Tattoo Convention. Pretty stoked on it, and can’t wait to get the next session in.
biomech tattoo
Here’s a sneak peak at a robotic Armour sleeve I’ve been working on in Milwaukee. Alot of work to go on it still, but the lower half is starting to come together.

robotic sleeve tattoo

robo biomech sleeve

steampunk tattoo
These are only a few of the pieces I’ve been working on (mainly the ones that the pictures turned out on. ha!) so hopefully I’ll have another big photo update in June. Don’t forget to follow my facebook, and possibly soon instagram if I get on that, as I post other photos on both of those.
Thanks for looking, and as always, feel free to share if you’re into it


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