Droping the ball on blogging

Sigh, well I tried to start 2012 out right with weekly updates, and I think this might be my first one so far at the end of February. Oh well, that’s why I’m an artist and not a blogger. Lot’s of stuff in the works, not much ready to show, hopefully soon though. Anyways here’s some new tattoo work to tide everyone over.

biomech rooster hand tattoo

Biomech Rooster Hand Tattoo

hourglass tattoo


reaper angel tattoo

reaper on ribs

bio organic tree sleeve

bio organica

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New Biomech Art

It’s been awhile since I’ve picked up some micron pens and gotten tedious with some stippling. And after finishing these pieces I remember why. But, I think the outcome was worth it. Actually I really like a well rendered pen and ink drawing, and find it to be one of the tougher mediums to work in. With oils or markers or tattooing there’s plenty of tricks you can employ to hide an imperfect line. If you don’t think something turned out just right, you can always layer and tweak until it is. But when the piece is only two tones, black and white, you can only put more black down. Well, unless you’re Pushead and use whiteout, photocopiers, and all sorts of other tricks.
I personally tend to neglect the perfection of my line work in a lot of the work I do, so working in pen is a particular challenge to me at times. And finding interesting ways of creating depth and texture made these pieces a fun, if not a little irritating, challenge.

As far as the subject matter goes, people are always making cracks about the amount of phallic shapes in biomech, which to be fair, I can’t deny. So I figured I’d run with that for fun and am titling this series “Fucking Filthy.” I also wanted to amp up the FutureTeller name I’ve been working with, so I put that in all of it and will probably make some stickers or something with at least the smaller ones. Then I give give them out to be a gross eyesore in every seedy bar around the Chicago area, and beyond!

I’ll hopefully be doing a few more of these for fun. I’d also like to start working on some design work for some more bands. I think the style lends itself well to poster and tshirt art. I’ve done some shirt designs in the past for Two Cow Garage and KPSU as well as a bunch of local groups. I had a pretty good time with it and liked the idea of mass producing some of my images. So any interested parties, shoot me an email.

Here’s the art

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A couple mentions and interviews from the boys in Lucero

Every now and then I get the opportunity to hang out with and tattoo one of my favorite bands, Lucero. Recently they’ve been getting a lot of attention in the tattoo world, as well as a few write ups in some magazines.
Being the sweethearts that they all are, they mention my name a few times, along with some other pretty great artists. If you’re into the band or just into tattoo culture These two blogs/magazines are worth a browse through.

Tattoo Artist Magazine interview

mAry d\’Aloisio interview

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Bird skull tattoo ideas

I drew up a few quick sheets of bird skull and ivy tattoo ideas a couple months ago. The plan was to only offer them at the Portland Tattoo Convention, but I only had time to do one of them. I really liked most of these so I figured I’d post them on here after all and hope somebody else out there decides to get a few of these. Some of the drawings are a little rough, more ideas than anything else.
I’ve been using bird skulls alot in some of my biomechanical designs lately. There’s a few tattoos out there I’m waiting to finish before I post, but I’d like to have a couple more to make it more of a series. So, anyone interested in any of these, or anything like these leave me a message on here or my site. As always, thanks for looking.

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New Biomechanical and Organic Sketches

As the year comes to an end I’m going to start posting a bunch of the sketches I’ve done that are still looking for homes on skin or for you’re own personal art collection. All drawings are done on Strathmore drawing paper and are either 8 by 10 or 9 by 11. Some of these sketches have been used for tattoos I’ve already done. Out of respect for myself and all my wonderful clients – Please do not replicate these designs! Use them for inspiration, steal a part and tweak it into something new and better, but don’t just copy and paste. If you’re interested in having me tattoo any of these shoot me an email through my site. If it’s one of the pieces I’ve already done then I’ll be happy to design a piece with similar themes and elements to give you a unique custom tattoo.

Here’s a few sleeve ideas
bioorganic sleeve
robotic sleeve
Bio Organic Tattoo

Not quite biomech, but a fun squid monster I’d really like to do
squid tattoo
These next two are already taken as tattoos, but like I said, I can do different versions for anyone that’s totally in love with them.

dandelion tattoo
organic sleeve
And here’s the last couple
biomech chest panel

Thanks for looking! I’ll be in Chicago, Minneapolis, and Milwaukee working the rest of 2011, so if you’re in any of those cities and want to set up an appointment shoot me a message.


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New finished work

Here’s a few pieces I did over the last couple months that I haven’t posted yet.  Enjoy!

This was two sessions done over a couple months.  A little different from the normal stuff but really happy with how it turned out.  Cristina wanted some Puerto Rican flora and fauna, so this is what we came up with.

Thistle tattoo

666 mech

Mel and Mouse were in Chicago from Berlin this summer and I was happy to get a chance to do a piece on each of them.  Mel’s is the stylized thistle piece, and Mouse got a biomech piece made out of the number 666.  It’s there, you just have to look for it.

flower tattoo

Last one for this post Is Greg, who was in Chicago for a couple days from France.  He wanted a bright and colorful flower with my own twist to it.  This is a healed photo he sent to me a bit afterwards.

As always, thanks for looking!

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In progress Biomech Pieces

Once again it’s been awhile since I’ve put anything up on here, and once again I’m going to try to be better at updating. There’s alot of in progress work I have out there, and every now and then I like to post some of the pieces before they’re finished. Here’s a couple I’ve been working on in Milwaukee.
First is Mike’s biomech sleeve. Really pumped on this so far. Trying some new things and working with a lot of layers. We’re two sessions in and have a good chunk of the lower arm done.

Next is Jules’ rib panel. She started this with just part of the skull outlined by someone else and it wasn’t quite what she was looking for. So we cleaned some things up and added a whole bunch of mech, bones, and organica to it and this is where we’re at so far. This is also two sessions in, although the sessions are a bit shorter on the ribs.

coil and skull tattoo

biomech ribs

I’m going to dig through what else I’ve been doing later this week and post a few more up here. Thanks for looking.

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Louisville Tattoo Convention 2011

This coming weekend, March 18-20 I’ll be tattooing in Louisville for Tattoo Kingpin’s first convention there. Troy Timple always puts on a good show, so I’m excited to do some sweet tattoos and see some good friends. This is the first show I’ll have Jon Murray from Milwaukee working with me. He’s an old friend and tattoo artist who’s got an interesting style worth checking out, so if you make it to the show, swing by the booth and flip through his book. I only have a few appointments booked for this one, so if you’re interested in some work, get at me. As always I’d really like to pick up some biomech pieces. Here’s some more info on it http://tattooedkingpin.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=80&Itemid=297
Things in Chicago have been busy as always. Just started a bunch of really neat pieces. I’m going to develop them for a few sessions before I post any pics, but stay tuned for some new shit.
Annnnd next week we’ll have Jeff Croci from San Francisco coming in to Skin Abrasions. Him and Marco Velazquez are going to be rocking out some biomech work on me. I’ve been planning this for a couple years now, and am super excited to see what they come up with.

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New Website

Here’s the official first blog to kick of the new website, now titled www.futuretellertattoo.com featuring the artwork and tattoos of myself, Gifford Kasen. First of all, thanks for stopping by. I’m looking forward to a very busy and productive 2011, and already have a handful of exciting projects in the tattoo world and otherwise that I’m excited to show off.
Speaking of new projects, I recommend everyone that has a chance to pick up the new book “Cranial Visions” from Memento publishing. It’s an art book devoted to the artistic interpretation of skulls. I have a few pieces in it, and I must say it’s a very well put together book showcasing some of the best talent in and out of the tattoo world right now.
In other news I’m still based out of Chicago, and still working at Skin Abrasions Tattoo in Oak Park, just west of the city. I’ll also be traveling quite often again this year starting with Austin this first weekend of Jan. Check back for an updated travel schedule soon.
With the end of 2010 I wrapped up a number of longer term projects, and am now looking for some fresh skin for February and March to start on. So if you’ve been waiting to get a piece tattooed by me, now’s an excellent time. As always, I’d really like to sink my teeth into some new Biomechanical themed tattoos, but really there’s alot out there that peaks my interest and I could have fun with. Thanks for reading, and check back often, lots more updates coming soon!


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New Biomech Artwork

Finished up some new painting and drawings this week. This first one was a collaborative piece done with Marco Velazquez Mostly oil, but he worked some marker and pencil in there as well.

Next is a smaller one to conclude a series I’m calling “Cyclical”

biomechanical coil

finally here’s a marker and pencil drawing I finally put the finishing touches on.


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