Quick clips of a biomech painting

I’ve started playing around with some stop motion video apps on my phone. I’m still getting the hang of it and working on some tweaks, but I wanted to post a couple of airbrush sessions I did on a recently finished piece. It turned out ok, but the quality leaves a bit to be desired. Next one I’ll bump the resolution a bit. The main problem seems to be the amount of frames necessary to make the video, the quality of the frames, and what my phone can handle before it starts to glitch out. Oh well, maybe time to invest in some better equipment. I plan on making some more of these in the near future to collaborate with some music buddies of mine on some promo videos. So stay tuned for that. Anyways you kind get a glimpse into my process for this type of art here. I usually don’t approach these pieces with too much forethought. Maybe a loose idea of subject matter. This one I started with the idea of a bull skull, with the horns being the focal point. So you can sort of see me roughly sketching that out in the beginning. I quickly scrap the skull part of it,but like the horns. I’ve been working with alot of finger-like forms lately, so those crept into the piece towards the bottom. Once the general composition was something I was happy with I started building up the darker values to see how the layers would separate. Then I added a layer of textures. Alot of mechanical ones with some scribbley organic stuff over it.

After that it’s alot of layering, deepening values, adding white, adding texture, etc…. until it’s more or less where I want it to be. Then I like to go through it with some stencils and sharpen up some of the edges to give it a strong mechanical look. There’s a few little tricks at the end of the piece I left out, cause, well, I can’t give away everything in my first video.

As I said the quality isn’t the best, so here’s a photo of the finished piece

Matador, by FutureTeller


I’m calling it “Matador” based on the initial idea of the piece. Thanks for checking it out, and please share and repost this if it interests you. Almost every piece I post on here is for sale as well,so shoot me an email through my site www.futuretellertattoo.com if you’re interested.

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